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 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will 
give you rest."

Matthew 11:28


What does Living Faith mean to us?

      After moving to Omaha,  Gervis and I went church shopping.   We have always been regular church attenders and wanted to find a church home as soon as possible.  In our marriage we have had two very wonderful church homes so we knew that finding one that gave us that same sense of fellowship was not going to be an easy job.    
      There were several things that we really wanted to find in a church.  One was that the church be grounded in the word of God.  We wanted to find a church where people were warm and welcoming in a sincere way.   
      Also we felt it was important to belong to a church where there were opportunities to serve.   We spent several weeks visiting churches and then we were invited to attend Living Faith.   We knew right away that this was the place for us.
      Our church family has celebrated with us in the good times and prayed with us in the bad.   We found everything we wanted in a church home here at Living Faith - challenging sermons based on the Bible, wonderful and loving people and lots of opportunities to serve.

Gervis and Linda Tummons
Living Faith UMC Members 


      Three years ago, Hugo & I got married and moved to a new neighborhood so we wanted to find a church in our area where we could worship, learn, participate and raise our family.  We were looking for a church where Christ would be the center and His teachings were practiced.  
       After visiting a few churches, we decided to visit Living Faith.  We thought we would visit a few times and see if we liked it.  That was not necessary because from the moment we walked in the door we felt welcomed and as we heard Pastor Mike preaching Christ, we knew this was the place and that God had answered our prayers. The teaching has helped us better our lives and the support, love and fellowship has been outstanding! 
       I also loved their mission statement:  Our passion is to make followers of Jesus Christ by building strong families who model Christian principles in every generation.  The church body is very family oriented and I feel they are striving to live out that mission every day.
       Our prayers were also answered when the Lord sent us two little girls, Alivia and Savanah, to complete our family.  Their lives have been changed from disarray to peace, love and joy in part because of what our extended church family has shown them.   
       Today they feel at ease and they love their church family.  Not only were they adopted by us and by Living Faith, but they were welcomed into the family of God when Hugo presented the gospel and led them to Christ.  Today they love to share their faith with others and worship the Lord especially when they sing in the Children’s Choir.  Our hearts are filled with joy when we see how the Lord has worked in their lives.  They have gone from frail, shy and untrusting to becoming more trusting and outgoing as they are surrounded by the love of Christ through the people of Living Faith.
       In March of this year our girls will be baptized.  This will be another joy to share with our church family. We hope and pray that God will continue to bless Living Faith as we grow in Him and do what he has called us to do.

Hugo, Judy Flores
Living Faith Members

       It means I have a Church family that loves and cares for one another.  They offered me prayers for physical healing, condolences and words of comfort when my parents passed away, and joyful words of congratulations when our granddaughter was born.
       It is a place where you can fellowship with Brothers and Sisters in Christ----whether it is sharing a simple meal, doing a work project, or studying God’s word together.
       But most of all, Living Faith is a Christ focused Church where ALL people are welcome to come and worship and hear God’s message, then encouraged to go out into the world and “Live Their Faith”.

Mike and Donna Dougherty
Living Faith Members


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